Real mozzarella is made from water buffalo's milk??

We may be biased, but we think water buffalo milk is superior.  It's the richest milk in the cheesemaking world, with twice as much butterfat as cow's milk. We think this makes a creamier and healthier cheese. 


Get big! Water buffalo milk has 11 percent more protein than cows milk. Protein is the building block of muscle and amino acids in your body so more is almost always better.


Despite our products being lactose free, water buffalo milk initially has a higher content of lactose pre-production. It is our cultures and fermentation process (The ones who consume the lactose) that make BUF mozzarella easily digestible, fresh cheese for all.


Water Buffalo milk has more calcium, iron, and phosphorus than typical cows milk. 

Solid Content

Buffalo milk has higher levels of total solids before production. More solids make the processing of the cheese easier and create options to make other products such as yogurt or ice cream with the residue. 


Although not a difference in the milk's characteristics, typical "mozzarella" is often made from mis-treated dairy cows. Our buffalo are free-range, grass-fed and organic to ensure the best quality of life for the animals. 

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