Our Bufulas


Our Bufulas

Water Buffalo have called the mountains of Colombia home for many years. They require a low stress, nutrient dense environment to raise their young in and only produce milk when they are nursing a calf. They are highly intelligent animals-- some of our buffalo even respond by name!

Grass Fed

What else? Buffalo naturally eat grass and we believe that it's best to keep it this way. Our grass is grown in the mountains of the Colombia and the buffalo think it tastes great!

Free Range

Our buffalo are free to roam their entire life. They are never confined to any sort of cage and only are under a shelter during the milking process. This natural environment is key to the happiness of the animal and allows the buffalo to remain stress free. 

Even though you will rarely see a water buffalo in the United States...

   More people depend on water buffalo than any other species in the world. There are an estimated 172 million domestic water buffalo and Colombia contains over 800,000 of them--one of the highest concentrations. Water buffalo are well suited to rugged and humid environments making the Colombian mountains perfect. 

The Only Certified Organic Water Buffalo Creamery

Currently, we are the only certified USDA organic water buffalo mozzarella producer in the continent. This means we keep everything natural. No hormones. No GMO's. and No pesticides. From our experience, keeping the calves with their mother is the most sustainable way to raise water buffalo. We are transparent in our process and if you have any questions feel free to ask. 


Our water buffalo are located on multiple farms around the area. We currently milk our own herds of 1,500 water buffalo per day and have many neighboring farms joining our team. Buf ensures correct practices with John Jairo, an expert in water buffalo management. He visits each farm at least twice a month to make sure everything is up to our standards and to offer a better service to our suppliers.