Our Process


Our Process

"At BUF, our process comes first. We take care to ensure that our ladies love their jobs—fresh air, clean water, and lush mountain grass keep our buffalos happy in their work. All of this makes for a special mozzarella di bufala. It is the whole process that makes us proud.”

Alejandro Gomez Torres, Co-Founder


It all starts with our buffalo, 

Our goal is to keep our buffalo in a natural, low stress environment. For this reason, our buffalo are born and raised in the Andes mountains of Colombia. Their whole lives, they eat grass -- eliminating the chance of bacteria in their gut and they only are milked when raising a calf. The milking process for our buffalo is very enjoyable, they receive a shower to relax and clean off before heading to the milking station. At the station, our buffalo are milked comfortably. It's like a spa day for the buffalo! By keeping this whole process controlled, the buffalo produce a greater quantity and better quantity of milk and ensure a longer, better quality of life for the bufula. 

Factory Production:

After we have the raw milk, we transport it carefully to our factory. We built our factory in 2009 specifically designed to process buffalo milk. It received a 95% rating by Silker indicating cleanliness and control of our process. Here the milk is transformed into BUF's beautiful delicious cheese. The milk receives an inspection ensuring uniformity and quality before adding the cultures (or good bacteria) that transform the milk into the mozzarella. After the culture does its job, the cheese is separated into the liquid (whey) and the milk solids (curds). Proceeding the fermentation process, the cheese is then shaped into the different sizes depending on the product, boxed and sent to the stores. All the care we put into milking, transporting, pasteurizing, processing, and packaging gives BUF the 45 day shelf life that no other mozzarella di bufula has. 

Note: The rennet we use has a plant origin, as this makes our cheese 100% vegetarian.

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One of the largest complications in getting the cheese to where the consumer can buy it is keeping the cheese cold while traveling. To ensure the cheese reaches a store unspoiled, our cheese travels in refrigerated airplanes and trucks of the flower distribution industry. Flowers, like soft cheese, are delicate and will wilt at the slightest exposure to heat. By piggybacking on the massive cold-chain infrastructure , we can keep our distribution costs lower and keep the cheese in perfect shape until consumption.