The Beginning


The Beginning

Buf Creamery was officially founded in 2011 by

two friends, Alejandro Gomez Torres and Charles (Chip) Vosmik.  

Here’s the story as told by Alejandro-

I grew up in Colombia and always knew the potential uses of water buffalo. They were commonly used as draft animals in the palm oil business. However, it wasn't until I was at a dinner party with my good friends when they suggested to me that I should start a cheese business using the delicious, rich milk and my knowledge.

Fast forward a couple of years and the adventure really began. We started to learn all about water buffalo milk: how to milk the free-range animals, how to process the milk, and how to transport the product. But the one thing we didn’t know how to do seamlessly, was how to actually turn this milk into cheese! After much thought, we decided to travel to Italy to learn more about water buffalo milk. After learning how to handle tropical grass fed milk, the cheese turned out beautifully. We knew we wanted to bring this product to the States because we knew there was a lack of authentic mozzarella di bufala. Most American's don't know the difference between a bufula and a bison so we have dedicated a lot of hours to education and sampling. Today būf is the freshest available free-range, grass-fed mozzarella di bufala available in the market. 


Today būf is the freshest available free-range, grass-fed mozzarella di bufala in the market.”


Alejandro chose Virginia because he had worked at Brookview Farm and made friends there in the past. When he arrived, he called up his friend Chip who was involved in the U.S. food industry.  That friendship turned out to be a great success and after working out the logistics, Buf Creamery was founded in 2014 and on the rise ever since. In 2016 būf was awarded at ACS with a third place for burrata and first place for mozzarella. A lot has happened since the first bufalas were milked and we expect a a lot more to happen in the future. būf on!