Features Overview


The tastiest yogurts created with farm fresh water buffalo milk, naturally thick and creamy.

Lactose free, additive free, & free of cows milk proteins


 Andean Plain

Pure grass-fed water buffalo milk artisanally cultured to a creamy, tangy perfection.  Perfect for cooking, as a marinade, in smoothies and a substitute for sour cream, mayonnaise or straight from the container. Higher protein than cows milk,  rich with probiotics and healthy fats make it a perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle.


Andean Honey

Our creamy, naturally thick yogurt with the addition of a delicate honey harvested from wild flowers in the Colombian mountains. This yogurt is balanced in taste and easy to enjoy.  Excellent choice for granola and fruit, and sweet enough to use as a healthy dessert with poached fruit or dolloped over cake.