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Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions

+ who came up with mozzarella?

Italians know a tasty idea when they see one! So just as they were quick to understand the potential of that fruit called the tomato... They were also quick to appreciate the advantages of water buffalo milk. Before long butter and cheese made with water buffalo milk was as Italian as the Coliseum.

+ What does mozzarella mean?

Mozzarella, which is derived from the verb “mozzare” in Italian means to cut off so mozzarella suggests lopped, docked or cut off in reference to how the curd is portioned to then be formed into a ball.

+ Water Buffalos?

There are an estimated 172 million domestic water buffalo worldwide, and more humans depend on them than on any other domestic animal. Water buffalo originated in India and China and first found their way to Italy around 600 AD. Buffalos are well suited to rugged and or humid environments. For more info see "Our Bufula" page

+ Aren't there buffalos in Yellowstone?

Actually no. The animals in Yellowstone were misidentified by early settlers; they are actually bison. True mozzarella is only made from water buffalo milk.

+ Doesn’t mozzarella di bufula have to come from Italy?

We use the same old Italian techniques in our production process. We believe that our cheese is comparable to a fine wine made outside of Spain. It may not orginate from where the technique was founded, but by using higher quality ingredients with the same techniques we are able to produce an equal (or better) final product. You be the judge.

+ Is your Rennet Vegetarian?

Yes, Our rennet is plant based and this makes our cheese 100% vegetarian.

+ How can your cheese be Lactose Free?

Since we produce mozzarella by natural acidification and not induced acidification, during the 4.5 hours of culturing with the right ferments and at the right temperature, we consume practically all the lactose turning it into lactic acid and water. Our ferments are specially made in Italy to ferment naturally and let us reach the right stretching pH between 4 and 5 hours.

+ Why Colombia?

There are 172 million domestic water buffalos in the world and 800,000 of them are in Colombia -- one of the highest concentrations. In Colombia, they are multi-use animals. In addition to diary production they are often used as draft animals. One place you will almost never find a water buffalo is the in the USA.

+ Charlottesville?

Virginia is Alejandro’s second home. Charlottesville is where old family friends from the Peace Corps live and where the idea of BUF originated. So why not keep the links between the USA and Colombia alive?

+ Isn't Mozzarella made from cow's milk?

That depends on who you ask. In order to be called mozzarella in Italy by law it must be made from buffalo milk. However in the USA, 95% of what is called “mozzarella” is made from Cow’s milk. We believe that only true mozzarella is made from water buffalo. For more info see our page on "Bufula vs. Cow's".

+ How did you learn to make mozzarella

We had a team of Italian experts come to Colombia to teach us the ancient techniques. Then by using our rich, grass-fed milk, we ended up being able to make a higher quality cheese!