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Buf Creamery Wins awards at the 2017 American Cheese Society Conference

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Why Elusive Buffalo-Milk Cheeses Are Worth Hunting Down

Serious Eats, Summer 2017

Smelling of warm whole milk, these cherry-sized, South American morsels boast unique texture- a dense center surrounded by a pillowy outer layer- with creamy flavor and grassy background notes.

Culture Magazine Winter 2016-17

BUF Creamery wins 1st Place with its Mozzarella and 3rd Place with its Burrata at the American Cheese Society competition.


Buf Creamery recently enlisted New Jersey-based agency Miller Creative to conceptualize a branding and packaging identity for the company's certified organic, artisan buffalo mozzarella. The packaging is sleek and tells a consumer a lot about what they might want to know before buying a new food product, but in this case is central to the company's identity.


This fresh tasting mozzarella is made from the milk of free-range, grass-fed buffalo right at the foot of the Andes Mountains in Colombia. The result is rich, pristine milk that yields a creamy texture and clean flavor.


In the short span of 6 months BUF was nationwide at Whole Foods. Their global cheese buyer called it the ‘best discovery of 2014’. It was then sought after by several major grocery retailers. Retail store managers love the packaging integrity (doesn’t leak), and favor the packaging aesthetic, calling it meaningful and compelling in a lackluster market space (of over 120 brands). The brand is poised for rapid growth through 2016 and beyond.


Award-Winning BūF Creamery Cheese Excels; Alexa Bell Discusses

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